1. Management and acceptance

This website is managed by Knauf Gips KG.

The use of the website resulation.eu is subject to the general terms and conditions set out below. By using this website, you as a user are deemed to have become cognizant of -- and to accept -- these general terms and conditions without any reservation. In the event of discrepancy between the provisions of this disclaimer and the terms and conditions of specific products or services on this website, the latter shall take precedence. 


2. Purpose of the website

The website resulation.eu is used to promote Resulation® as a product on a mission to retrieve, recycle and repurpose mineral wool as an infinitely reusable raw material.

This website is intended to provide simple and rapid access to information of the company of the manager. Unless stipulated expressly otherwise, all information on this website is of a general nature, so you may not consider it as personal, professional or legal advice. The information on this website is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances. To obtain specific or personal advice, you must contact the manager without fail. No rights can be derived from the information on this website.


3. Use of the website

The manager devotes ample attention and care to his website and strives to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up-to-date as possible. In spite of such unremitting efforts, the manager cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate and/or up-to-date. If certain information provided on or via the website should show certain shortcomings, the manager shall make such efforts as necessary to remedy them as promptly as possible.

The manager may adapt, change, supplement and/or remove the content of the website and the hyperlinks thereon at all times without prior announcement or notice. The manager advises the user to peruse the text of this disclaimer periodically. A user who detects certain inaccuracies shall be required to inform the manager accordingly as promptly as possible so that the latter can take such measures as necessary.

The manager shall endeavour to prevent interruptions of a technical nature as much as possible, and cannot guarantee that his website shall be completely free of interruption and/or not affected by other technical problems. The manager shall not be held liable for the unhindered use of this website.

The manager shall decline all liability for choices made by the user based on data he finds on the website. The same shall apply to the ensuing consequences. The manager may not be held liable for any (in)direct prejudice incurred from the use of this website or from information made available through said website. The parties agree that this shall comprise, but not be limited to: all sorts of economic losses, possible work interruptions, damage to programmes or other data on the user’s computer system or of/to the user’s hardware or software. 


4. Hyperlinks and references

The user is referred to websites of third parties. The manager has no technical or content control options for the websites of such third parties, and can thus provide no assurances or incur liability concerning the completeness or accuracy of the content, nor the availability of aforementioned websites and information sources. Such referrals take place at the user’s own risk. The referral in no way entails a ratification of the external websites or the content thereof. The manager shall consequently accept no liability for direct or indirect prejudice arising out of the consultation or use of such external websites and their content.


5. Personal data protection

In case the user has to provide personal information, the data are treated in accordance with the provisions of the privacy protection in personal data processing act of 8 December 1992. The user’s personal data shall be collected and processed only in order to provide the information or service requested by him. The processing of personal data shall be limited to the intended purpose. The user’s personal data shall of course not be disclosed nor used for direct marketing purposes. The user shall have access to his personal data and may check the accuracy thereof at all times. The manager shall take all such security measures as necessary to prevent third parties from misusing the user’s personal data.


6. Cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small information files that are automatically saved on the user’s hard disk. The information is sent back to the manager of the website upon each visit thereby facilitating and accelerating access thereto. Most Internet browsers enable the user to remove cookies from his hard disk or to decline them before they are installed.


7. Piwik Analytics

We use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as our website/app analytics software and consent management tool. We collect data about website visitors based on cookies. The collected information may include a visitor’s IP address, operating system, browser ID, browsing activity and other information. See the scope of data collected by Piwik PRO.

We calculate metrics like bounce rate, page views, sessions and the like to understand how our website/app is used. We may also create visitors’ profiles based on browsing history to analyze visitor behavior, show personalized content and run online campaigns.

We host our solution on Microsoft Azure in Germany/Netherlands/United States/Singapore, and on ElastX in Sweden, and the data is stored for 14/25 months.

The purpose of data processing: analytics and conversion tracking based on consent. Legal basis: Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR.

Piwik PRO does not send the data about you to any other sub-processors or third parties and does not use it for its own purposes. For more, read Piwik PRO’s privacy policy.


8. Intellectual property rights

The user has the right to consult the information on this website, download it and reproduce it for personal use, provided he mentions the source in accordance with the applicable provisions of the copyright and neighbouring rights act of 30 June 1994. The manager’s prior permission shall invariably be required to use or reproduce multimedia information, such as sound, image, software, etc. The same shall apply for all information for which restrictions of use are expressly mentioned.

The manager shall in any event retain all intellectual property rights on the website itself or on the information made available. If the user should disregard the intellectual rights or other rights of the manager or third parties and fail to meet the afore-stipulated conditions, he shall compensate the manager or third parties concerned and hold them harmless against all demands or claims resulting from the infringement committed.


9. Confidentiality

All information or material that the user provides unsolicited and/or at his own initiative to the manager shall be considered to be non-confidential. The manager may use such information, reactions and data at his own discretion, with due account of the restrictions stipulated in the privacy protection in personal data processing act of 8 December 1992. The user shall concur that the manager may use such ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques for any purpose, including for the development of new products and services.


10. Disputes

Belgian law shall be applicable on this agreement, all problems of interpretation, all disputes and all claims arising out of the use of this website or the information mentioned on it. The consultation of this website implies that the user shall subject himself to the jurisdiction of the Dutch-speaking courts of Brussels in Belgium, which shall be exclusively competent in the event of uncertainties, disputes or all other sorts of claims arising out of the use of this website.